The Armonica platform overcomes the critical limitations of current NGS approaches and delivers key advantages over other long-read technologies.

  • Comprehensive Profile INCLUDING EPIGENETICS

    Capable of sequencing all genomic variants including epigenetic modifications of DNA/RNA to address unmet clinical and research needs and large markets not possible with short-read NGS

  • Direct, Real-time Results

    Direct sequencing of long sections of unamplified and unlabeled native ssDNA ( >50 kbase) with high accuracy for the real-time assessment of genomic data as it exists within the cellular environment

  • Cost Effective

    Low complexity test with minimal sample prep and reduced reagent consumption leads to lower costs and greater accessibility to more labs, more patients

Direct Long-Read Epigenetic Sequencing Platform

Addresses the limitations of today’s sequencing technologies to advance the promise of precision medicine.

Epigenetics in the Genome

Epigenetics is the dynamic and heritable modifications to the genome that occur independently of DNA sequence.

Changes to the epigenome — DNA methylation, histone modifications, and the chromatin state — influence what genes are expressed.

Aberrant epigenetic alterations can lead to inappropriate onset of genetic expressions and promote tumorigenesis. As the epigenetic modifiers are reversible, they are becoming promising targets in multiple cancer therapies.

More and more research has found that many diseases have overlapping epigenetic signatures.

The Revolutionizing Potential of Epigenetics

Sequencing the epigenome has been a slow, expensive, multi-step and indirect/error prone process.

Only Armonica can provide the direct assessment of epigenetic modifications affording the accuracy needed for actionable results.

There are over 4000 recent publications on the epigenetics of cancer alone and over 39 epigenetic drugs currently in clinical trials.

A complete spectral “Fingerprint” of the chemical & physical properties of each nucleotide in a direct measurement

Enabling the Direct Measurement of Epigenetic Modifications

Single parallel chip with proprietary nano-porous structures control velocity of long stretches of unlabeled, unamplified detection of nucleic acids

Epigenetic modifications are measured directly – each with their own distinct spectra

Nanopore Structures Fabricated using Silica NanoParticles

Controls the velocity of DNA for accurate measurements

DNA enters porous nanochannel structures and is linearized. Passage through the porous roof at the enhancement structure slows down the DNA. Fine motion control is provided by electrophoresis.

Raman Spectral Fingerprint

Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) facilitates the only direct measurement of the actual physical properties of in-situ nucleotides in nucleic acids.
SERS directly measures the molecular structure and chemical constituents of nucleotides, including any chemical or conformational changes.

Epigenetic Modifications Directly Measured

dCTP, 5m-dCT, 5hm-dCTP.

Each have distinct spectra